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Message started by Doug on Sep 22nd, 2014 at 6:05pm

Title: WCMA FV racing at Mission
Post by Doug on Sep 22nd, 2014 at 6:05pm
I know this is a bit early for next season but some of us fellows with FV's are thinking of coming out for the event next July. We run the falkens and do not have fire systems (some people) as you follow SCCA rules would we have to run slicks and for those who don't, install fire systems. Thx in advance

Title: Re: WCMA FV racing at Mission
Post by Bob_Williams on Sep 23rd, 2014 at 8:38am
Hey Doug.....are you referring to the Annual FART race? If so, and your FV is Vintage eligible, fire systems are recommended but not required. If it is a modern FV, the system is required. The tire rule for the FART race is open. We have national guys from the states and they run Hooziers and the vintage FV's run their dunlops and the rest of us run American Racers. It would be neat to see the difference between the Falkens and the rest....maybe a change is in the future....The FART race is basically a great w/e of racing with a great group of drivers and a variance of cars, 1964 Auto Dynamics mk3 that my Mother in law drives to current cars. Lots of cars to race with. We've had grids of 30 cars. We wont know when the w/e will be in 2015 until the new year. Will keep you informed. Roger S. has e/m me about the July 23,24,25,26 ?? w/e at Castrol. I'm trying to get a handle on who from here would make the trip. Lots of interest.
As for any other w/e here on the coast you would need a fire suppression system to race unless the car is vintage prior to 1984 ?? need to check. Tire rule is still open at this point. there was a move to a spec tire, haven't heard anything more about it though. Stay in touch....and we'll do the same.
Bob Williams 604.838.8264

Title: Re: WCMA FV racing at Mission
Post by Doug on Sep 24th, 2014 at 11:40am
Thx Bob,

Yes, we were thinking of the FART race w/e. I qualify for the vintage (Lynx B) but some of the others have BRD's and I will inform those considering re /fire system. Do you do a group buy when purchasing the American racer slicks (as this is your spec tire) and do you order through the western Cdn dist. in Saskatoon? It would be nice to see the difference from slicks to Falkens. Will monitor the sight and will be definitely be keeping in touch. Some of us are also considering Edmonton as well and its good to know their proposed date for next year.

Thx for the info and your assistance,

Doug Friesen   204-297-2880

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