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Race Entries - Do it right! (Read 576 times)
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Race Entries - Do it right!
Aug 19th, 2019 at 8:50pm
We've had some issues with drivers not getting points and incorrect information appearing on results.

As a driver it is 100% your responsibility to ensure all of your entry information is correct including Car Number, Transponder Number, Licence (CACC, ICSCC, etc), Club (SCCBC, IRDC, etc). Registration tries to confirm all this info but it's not their responsibility to ensure the data is correct.

I have had numerous examples of drivers entering the wrong info for the above listed fields, and others.

Please take the time to ensure your entry is correct before coming to Registration.

As a reminder, incorrect transponder information will mean no practice lap times. Incorrect club and license info may result in no points being awarded.

Thank you.
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