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Ross Bentley Cornering Speeds (Read 276 times)
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Ross Bentley Cornering Speeds
Feb 1st, 2023 at 5:45am
Hi Mike

How many times have you absolutely nailed a corner? You know, where you felt like you got every last bit out of the brake zone, there was nothing more you could have gotten out of your cornering speed, and you shot out of that corner like a rocket? If youíre answer is, ďNot often enough,Ē then I want to help. I want to help you get better, and have the tools to get to the point where youíve mastered most corners (and the bits just before and after them).

Iíve been working on what Iím calling the Cornering Masterclass for quite some time now, and itís ready to go live ó which Iíll be doing online on February 22nd & 27th, at 5:30pm Pacific/8:30pm Eastern. As with all my webinars, it will be recorded, so even if you canít participate on those days, you still get full access to the content and be able to download and save the video recording ó but only if you register.

Yes, this is a 2-parter becauseÖ well, thatís the only way I could fit in everything I want to share with you. Each session will be at least 90-minutes long (probably longer, depending on the number of questions we get), including my presentation and a Q&A session. No matter what level youíre currently at, Iím sure this will help you drive consistently faster.

For more information, and to reserve a spot (and the ability to download and save the content and a recording of the two sessions), go to SpeedSecrets.com/Cornering-Masterclass. At least take a look at the long list of things I'm covering, as it may trigger some of your own self-coaching thoughts and ideas.

My last big webinar actually sold out, so donít wait too long to save your spot. The deadline for registration is February 20th, if it doesnít fill up before that. (Iíve been asked why there is a limit on registrations, and the answer is simple: I donít want so many people online that I canít answer everyoneís questions!).

Keep learning and having fun!


P.S. - I canít guarantee that the Cornering Masterclass will result in you perfecting every single corner youíre faced with, but I will promise to give you the same information and coaching strategies & tactics that Iíve used to help drivers of all levels get to at least the next levelÖ and some well beyond that.

Itís like that saying about never achieving perfection, but always striving for it. But with this one exception: in this case youíll have the tools to work at achieving something nearing perfection ó mastery.

P.P.S. - If youíve already registered, you can ignore this message! Thanks!

PO Box 25685
Federal Way WA 98093

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