Volunteer Program

Like every grassroots association, success comes as a result of the integrity and diligence of its volunteers and supporters. The SCCBC is proud of its many successes over its 60 years and is grateful to its supporters for their commitment and hard work. But the job is not done.

The SCCBC has a challenging road ahead and, consequently, an on-going need for good volunteers to fill a variety of roles. If you have a skill set that you would like to offer the club to help advance the cause of building motorsports in BC, please read on.

Why Volunteer?

Our volunteers share a common bond. Whether or not they have competed in motorsport racing, they are driven by a passion for motorsports and a desire to see it succeed as a sport in BC. Many are former competitors who now wish to give back to the sport that gave them so much. Whatever the motivation, our club is proud to have some of the most talented, friendly and hard-working volunteers of any sport.

Our volunteers will tell you that the rewards are not monetary, but they are numerous. The friendships you build can last a lifetime. Our volunteers come in all ages, shapes and sizes. From 16 to 70+, there is a track-side job for everyone. From the front gate to the Race Starter, everyone is a volunteer.

Volunteering at the River’s Edge Road Course is a great way to participate in a high profile sport, meet new friends and open up a avenue for attending major motor sport events world wide. If you always wanted to get a little closer to the action there is a place for you.

How do I get Started?

Interested? Drop us a line and we’ll be happy to introduce you to our racing family. Racing events, Marshall training and Race Driver Training start at our Mission facility in March each year. Don’t put it off another year, tell your friends, “I’m going racing.”

Ask any official at any SCCBC event, mail us at volunteers@sccbc.net or visit our Contacts page.

For information on volunteer job descriptions, please visit this page.