SCCBC Awards

al+steveSCCBC is proud of its long history, now spanning over 60 years. Throughout its history, the club has had its share of skilled competitors, dedicated volunteers and rabid motorsport enthusiasts.

To recognize the accomplishments and reward the devotion of our drivers, volunteers and support crew, the SCCBC awards its members with a variety of annual honours. In accordance with the SCCBC Awards and Points Policy, members submit nominations to the SCCBC Executive and the SCCBC Race Drivers Committee (RDC), who then select the best candidates from among the nominees.

The table below lists the current and historical holders of each of our award categories. Congratulations to all our award winners. Without them, our club would not be on the vanguard of motorsports in British Columbia.

Award Winners

Award Description Selection Process Recipient
Open Wheel Champion SCCBC’s open wheel formula champion has acquired the most points in the open wheel run group for the year. Championship Standings 2019 Andrew Dobbie
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2018 Doug Floer
2017 Doug Floer
2016 Darren Grandbois
2015 Paul Higgins
2014 Alan McColl
2013 Paul Higgins
2012 Martin Phillips
2011 Tim Brausse
2010 Tim Brausse
2009 Al Ores
2008 Colin Hannah
2007 Al Ores
2006 Scott Arthur
2005 Scott Arthur
2004 Scott Arthur
2003 Michael Lensen
2002 Al Ores
2001 Al Ores
Closed Wheel Champion SCCBC’s closed wheel sedan champion has acquired the most points in the closed wheel run groups for the year. Championship Standings 2019 Sterling Land
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2018 Gary Kwong
2017 Amir Kani
2016 Amir Kani
2015 Amir Kani
2014 Dustin Jones
2013 Burton Reynolds
2012 Garry Bone
2011 Curt Storms
2010 Adam Ingram
2009 Curt Storms
2008 Martin Berryman
2007 Cindy Stevens
2006 Carlos Tesler-Mabe
2005 Dave Stenner
2004 Keith Carter
2003 Dave Stenner
2002 Ian Thomas
2001 Ian Thomas[/EXPAND]
Randall The Randall Award is presented to those members who have made a long term contribution to the Sports Car Club of BC with the same dedication and undying spirit as that of this award’s namesakes, Bob and Hilda Randall. Nominated by Members,
Vetted by Executive
2019 Keith Robinson
[EXPAND Previous Recipients]
2018 Laurie Kaerne
2017 Marc Ramsay
2016 Michael Lensen
2015 Jim McRae
2014 Roland Stec
2013 Dennis Repel
2012 Terry Ward
2011 Mike Kaerne
2010 John Cartwright
2009 Jim Kurtz
2008 Bryan Hellevang
2007 Tom Roy
2006 Ron Curties
2005 Kevin & Leslie Skinner
2004 Bruce Yeo
2003 Al Cruickshank
2002 Ray Stec
2001 Michael Currie
2000 Tom Johnston
1999 Al Ores
1998 Ian Wood
1997 Tony Morris
1996 Pam Stec
1995 Deryk Forster
Roy Shadbolt This award is presented to the SCCBC club member that has demonstrated the greatest success while participating in motorsport competition on the pro circuit. Donated by Dave Ogilvy Racing Team. Nominated by Members,
Vetted by RDC
2019 Wei Lu
[EXPAND Previous Recipients]
2018 Wei Lu
2017 Scott Hargrove
2016 Wei Lu
2015 Glenn Nixon
2014 Andrei Kisel
2013 Scott Hargrove
2012 Michael Valiante
2011 not awarded
2010 Kees Nierop
2009 Michael Valiante
2008 Glenn Nixon
2007 Adrian Herberts
2006 Adrian Herberts
2005 Sean McIntosh
2004 Melanie Paterson
2003 Michael Valiante
2002 Nick Woodhouse
2001 Josh Beaulieu
2000 Frank Allers
1999 Ian Wood
1998 Moneca Kolvyn
1997 Ross Bentley
1996 Frank Allers
1995 Ian Wood
1994 Greg Moore
1993 Trevor Siebert
1992 Greg Moore
1990 Frank Allers
1989 Glenn Woloski
1988 Frank Allers
1987 Frank Allers
1986 Pieter Baljet
1985 Pieter Baljet
1984 Ira Young
1983 Kees Nierop
1982 Ross Bentley
1981 Bob McGregor
1980 Taisto Heinonen
1979 Kees Nierop
1978 Gary Pullyblank
1975 Charlie Godecke/Bert Laakmann
1973 Bob Stevens
1972 Bob Stevens
1971 John Hall
1970 Mike Barbour
1969 Tony Campbell
1968 John Hall
Deryk Forster The Deryk Forster Award is the club’s “member of the year” award and is presented to the member whose accomplishments and contributions for the year have advanced the club’s objective of developing motorsport in the province. Nominated by Members,
Vetted by Executive
2019 Gary Kwong
[EXPAND Previous Recipients]
2018 Al Harvey
2017 Gayle Baird
2016 Heather McEwan
2015 Brent Martin
2014 Marc Ramsay
2013 Norm Shaw
2012 Al Cruickshank
2011 Steve Hocaluk
2010 Ryan O’Connor
2009 Keith Robinson
2008 Cory Wong
2007 Marc Ramsay
2006 Perry Afaganis
Robert Currie The Robert Currie Award is intended to recognize the hard-work and dedication of our many volunteers by selecting one who epitomizes the essential volunteer spirit. Nominees will have demonstrated an outstanding contribution to the club and the sport, reflected in their dedication and hard-work in advancing the goals of the organization during the past year. Nominated by Members,
Vetted by Executive
2019 Al Cruickshank
[EXPAND Previous Recipients]
2018 Doris Gildemeister
2017 Ann McColl
2016 Keith Robinson
2015 Lynne Burnett
2014 Tasma Wooten
2013 Linda Zumm
2012 Nick Roche
2011 Norm Shaw
2010 Joe Proud
2009 Bryan Nuttall
2008 Dave Nex
2007 Vic Kennedy
2006 Irene Chambers & Dave Nex
2005 Rick James
2004 George Chambers/Krystina Mitchell
Department of the Year This award recognizes the organizational department that has contributed the greatest to the success of the club’s events for the year and, as such, advanced motorsport racing in the province. Nominated by Members,
Vetted by Executive
2019 Marketing
[EXPAND Previous Recipients]
2018 Booking and Track Managers
2017 Timing and Scoring
2016 Safety Team
2015 Registration
2014 Turn Marshals
2013 Track Operations
2012 Marketing/Media
2011 Registration
2010 Registration
2009 Driver Services
2008 Track Rentals
2007 E Crew
2006 Pre-Grid
2005 Pit Pass
2004 Sedan Race Team
Best Appearing Pit Crew This award goes to the racing team that has consistently promoted the club and the sport during the year through the presentation of a clean paddock and a friendly and enthusiastic crew. Note that this award is not limited to teams or multi-member crews. In fact, the SCCBC is comprised primarily of small privateers who enthusiasm for the sport is regularly reflected in their friendly interactions with fans which serve to further SCCBC’s objectives in developing motorsport in the province. Nominated by Members,
Vetted by RDC
2019 Speed Fanatics, Nixon Prosports
[EXPAND Previous Recipients]
2018 Speed Fanatics
2017 R&P Motorsports
2016 Safety Crew
2015 Nixon Pro Sports
2014 R&P Motorsports
2013 Nixon Pro Sports
2012 2nd Gen Racing (Reynolds)
2011 Bell – ReEntry racing
2010 Family Affair Racing Team
2009 Bullet Racing
2008 RS Racing – Ray & Roland Stec
2007 Styan/Paetz
2006 Sofa King Fun Racing
2005 Bee First Racing
2004 Rowse Brothers Racing
2003 M Grouppe Racing
2002 Bee First Racing
2001 Galmut Racing Group
2000 Team 7
1999 Galmut Racing Group
1998 National Mustang
1997 Momentum Motorsports
1996 Airborne Racing
1995 Comptech Performance STP
1994 ProFormance Team
1993 Sedan Indy Drivers
1992 Stephen Newby
1990 Mahood Racing
1989 Flag Racing Team
1988 Robert Kreeft
1987 Freybe/Gangreen Racing
1986 Cando Racing
1985 Baljet/Moore Racing Team
1984 Felim Power
1983 Yellow Jacket Racing
1982 Akai Audio – Video
1981 Kits Cameras Vivitar Racing
1980 All Star Freight
1979 Pentax Racing Team
1978 Beaver Racing
1977 Abington Motors
1976 Duster Racing Team
1975 Hank Boschman’s Crew
Novice of the Year The Novice of the Year award is given to the individual that is new to racing in the past year yet has shown significant aptitude as a driver, demonstrating enthusiasm and professionalism while doing so, and has participated in activities intended to advance the viability and goals of the club. Nominated by Members,
Vetted by RDC
2019 Joe Bowen
[EXPAND Previous Recipients]
2018 Doug Morgan
2017 Andrew Dobbie
2016 Patrick Wilson
2015 Robbie Arthur
2014 Metros Makrides
2013 Alan Baker
2012 Cherie Storms
2011 Steve Hocaluk
2010 Tracey Hazard
2009 Adam Ingram
2008 Bruce Jamieson
2007 Terry Overdiek
2006 Andy Merakian
2005 Cory Wong
2004 Robert Currie Jr
2003 Scott Arthur
2002 Dean Krenz
2001 Peter Skinner
2000 Brad Hives
1999 Kathy Milne
1998 David Bruce Thomas
1997 Bryan Hellevang
1996 John Landon
1995 Gary Mathies
1994 Mickey Saunders
1993 Grant Murray
1992 Davor Kacic
1990 Glenn Nixon
1989 Tony Morris JR.
1988 Dave Gillis
1987 Kevin Inkpen
1986 Bill Yearwood
1985 Alan Fuller
1984 Kelly Silverthorne
1983 Harvey Schulz
1982 Ira Young
1981 Pieter Baljet
1980 Randy Bach
1979 Vance Swifts
1978 Doug McIsack
1977 Mark Akerstream
1976 Bill Welters
1975 Dick Barwell
1974 George Boucher
1973 Mike Ores
1972 John Storr
1971 Blaire Peden
1970 Alan Martin
1969 Rod Hamilton
1968 Jake Rempel
1967 Grant Hankin
1966 Mike Whitters
1965 Gerry Barrett
1964 John Randall
1963 Dave Ogilvy
Hard Luck The Hard Luck Award recognizes the pluck and perseverance needed to be a motorsport racer. The successful nominee will have experienced significant hardship over the racing season and have demonstrated the wherewithal to continue despite the odds. Nominated by Members,
Vetted by RDC
2019 Ray Stec
[EXPAND Previous Recipients]
2018 Keray McEwan
2017 Al Ores
2016 Robbie Arthur
2015 Alan McColl
2014 Todd Schiewe
2013 Jack Zarowny
2012 Mike Potgieter
2011 Al Ores
2010 Garry Bone
2009 Jeff Lowe
2008 Josephine/Samantha Grace
2007 Steve Paquette
2006 Steve Paquette
2005 Chris Doodson
2004 Mark Bennie
2003 Greg Carter
2002 Kevin Skinner
2001 Man Fai Chung
2000 Noel Florak
1999 Bruce Hadley
1998 Keith Frieser
1997 Daryle Redlin
1996 Marc Rovner
1995 Bob Thomson
1994 Davor Kacic
1993 Robert Currie
1992 Ian Wood
1990 Kirk Vaillant
1989 Barry Duggan
1988 Dan Kok
1987 Ron Edgar
1986 Leo Redavid
1985 Vance Swifts
1984 Harvey Schulz
1983 Bob LeFluffy
1982 Bob Davenport
1981 Ian McIntosh
1980 Felim Power
1976 Bob McGregor
1975 Frank Quigg
1974 Loren St Lawrence
1973 Norm Matovich
1972 Kevin Skinner
1971 Ron Moscrop
1970 Bob Constabaris
1969 Bob Ostergard
1968 Charlie Crocker
1966 Peter Ray
1965 Starr Calvert
1964 Dan McMahon
Al Ores Sportsmanship Shield Reflecting one of the best characteristics of its namesake, the Al Ores Award is given to the club member demonstrating a high degree of sportsmanship to his or her fellow motorsport enthusiasts throughout the year. The nominee will have been greatly supportive of their fellow competitors, whether on or off the track, and demonstrated this in both words and deeds. Nominated by Members,
Vetted by RDC
2019 Keray McEwan
[EXPAND Previous Recipients]
2018 Al Harvey
2017 Norm Shaw
2016 Gayle Baird
2015 Al Harvey
2014 Michael Lensen
2013 Burton Reynolds
2012 Al Ores
2011 Bob Williams & Scott Arthur
2010 Burton Reynolds
2009 Burton Reynolds
2008 Al Ores & Bob Williams
2007 Martin Berryman
2006 Bob Williams
2005 Keith Robinson
2004 David Bruce Thomas
2003 Bryan Hellevang
2002 Michael Lensen
2001 Dawne Rosenburg
2000 Addy Herkovitz
1999 Terry Ward
1998 W C Storms
1997 Terry Ward
1996 W C Storms
1995 Al Brown
1994 Vance Swifts
1993 Al Ores
1992 Ray Stec
1991 Al Ores
1990 Al Ores
1989 Al Ores
1988 Sherrold Hadadd
1987 Bill Yearwood
1986 Ray & Roland Stec
1985 Al Ores
1984 Specialty Engineering
1983 Tom Johnson
1982 Val Child/Danny Totten/ Bill Welters
1981 Al Ores
1980 Ray Cooke
1979 Art Lavers/Ian McIntosh
1978 Tony Morris
1977 Denis Phillips
1976 Al Ores
1975 Jack Cave
1974 Peter Woolford
1973 Denis Phillips
1972 Eddy Clements
1971 Chuck Fenton
1970 Al Ores
1969 Dave Ogilvy
1968 Ernie Ledgerwood
1967 Lloyd Saunders
1966 Bill Webster
1965 Ladies Division
1964 Charlie Barret
1963 Ron Moscrop
1962 G McMillian
1961 Joan Goodridge
1960 Ron Curties
1959 Orval & Judith Schop
1958 B Lyons
1957 Bill Marshall
1956 J Lee
1955 Bill Sherriff
1954 Ron Perkins
1953 Scuderia Nord Spiaggia
1952 R Sayle
Rattenbury The Rattenbury Award is the SCCBC’s “Competitor of the Year” award given to the SCCBC member who best reflects the spirit of motorsport competition both within and outside the club. The nominee will not only have achieved significant on-track success at club events but has a record of participation in events hosted by peer and related clubs. SCCBC’s Rattenbury nominees will have demonstrated a professional and gentlemanly attitude while achieving their competitive success. Nominated by Members,
Vetted by RDC
2019 Cherie Storms
[EXPAND Previous Recipients]
2018 Sterling Land
2017 Collin Jackson
2016 John Gillespie
2015 Rick Payne
2014 Paul Higgins
2013 Paul Higgins
2012 Tracy Hazard
2011 Gayle Baird
2010 Tim Brausse
2009 Curt Storms
2008 Cindy Stevens
2007 Rick Payne
2006 Ian Wood
2005 Dave Stenner
2004 Keith Carter
Best Appearing Race Car This award recognizes the individual or team that fields a consistently clean, well-maintained and attractive race vehicle, and, by doing so, presents the club and the sport in the best possible light. Nominated by Members,
Vetted by RDC
2019 Pat Wilson
[EXPAND Previous Recipients]
2018 Gary Kwong (Subaru STI)
2017 Doug Yip (Tesla Cobra)
2016 RedZone BMW (Gillespie, Curtis, Berger)
2015 Ian Thomas
Westcoast Sports Car Championship Series   Defunct [EXPAND Previous Recipients]
2012-Current (No series)
2011 Steve Hocaluk
2010 Kees Nierop
2009 Gayle Baird
2008 no series
2007 Darrin Gilmore
2006 Tim Rosche
2005 Kim Fabro
2004 Chris Hahlen
2003 Angie Bemben
2002 Glenn Mueller