Practice Rules

SCCBC Practice Rules

Having a successful practice day helps pave the way for a successful race weekend. Following our simple practice rules will help make for a safe and successful practice day for all involved. All participants are expected to familiarize themselves with and adhere to these rules.

Practice days are conducted by R.D.C. volunteers. The R.D.C. member in charge has full authority to disallow anyone for lack of compliance to rules. Abuse of R.D.C. members or other volunteers will result in expulsion. Refunds will not be granted.

Practice Rules

  • Do not park in any site on the paved paddock area unless you have been assigned that specific spot. If you do not know which paddock site you’ve been assigned, refer to the paddock grid found at the front gate or consult the Paddock Marshall.
  • All racing rules are in full effect, including safety and sound.
  • All event supplementary regulations apply. Violators may be excluded or fined.
  • Practice days are strictly for practicing. No wheel to wheel racing is allowed. Driving in excess of the conditions may result in sanctions or expulsion.
  • A limited number of workers will be available on the course. You may be asked to contribute with the operation of the course between your sessions. Please do your part.
  • Only licensed (Race, Vintage Race, and Novice) registered drivers may drive on the track. No passengers are allowed. You are responsible for your crew or anyone else driving your car. Violators will be expelled from the facility.
  • All drivers and crew must sign the waiver before entering the racetrack.
  • Full racing gear must be worn on track including belts and arm restraints. Window nets must be properly fixed.
  • Pets must be secured on a short leash.
  • All garbage, oil and other discarded items must be removed from paddock.
  • Entry to the track is through the pre-grid. Please remain in pre-grid until released.
  • If you oil down the track you may be charged for dry sweep. You are expected to help clean up.
  • Pull well off the track as soon as you become aware of any oil or fuel leakage or other potentially dangerous mechanical problem. Help will be provided to help you return to the paddock.
  • Failure to respond to track flags may result in exclusion.

You can download a copy of the current rules here.