Curtis PRO3 Rebuild Well Underway

Malcolm Curtis is progressing quickly on a significant overhaul of his number 67 Pro3 BMW in preparation for the 2017 race season. Malcolm started with a short to-do list that has now grown to 33 items. Tasks range from repainting the wing mirrors through weight reduction (driver not included) to compression and leak-down tests.

To date eight items have been completed and six are in progress. The front bumper tuck and color change were successful and so far he has managed to pull out over 30 lbs of weight in excess parts and sound-proofing. Further weight reduction is planned and the next major work will include compression and leak-down tests as well as replacement of the timing belt as a preventative measure.

By the first race on April 1, the already competitive number 67 should be lighter, brighter and ready to challenge for the 2017 Pro3 championship.