Job Descriptions

Volunteer Job Descriptions

If you’re interested in volunteering and you like motorsports, we have the job for you. Take a look through some of the SCCBC job descriptions listed below. If you don’t find anything to suit your skill level, don’t worry, we have plenty of other opportunites for you. Contact our Volunteer Coordinator for more information.

Flag/Turn Marshal

VolunteeringWorking outdoors (rain or shine). The flags are the method of communicating with the drivers while racing. Because volunteers are relatively close to the racing surface, the ability to stay alert and focused is vital to everyone’s safety. Because of the danger under sixteen year olds are not allowed to fill these positions. Knowledge of the racing flags and general competition rules is required. Training will be provided.


Working outdoors (rain or shine). Communicators keep each turn station in contact with race control by radio. Requirements include being able to speak clearly while under pressure and in a noisy environment. Because of the proximity to the race track, minors are not allowed to fill these positions.

Tech Crew

All racecars must pass a technical inspection before being allowed to enter the racing surface. A good automotive mechanical knowledge along with knowledge of the general competition regulation is required. Training will be provided.

Pace Car Driver

Drives the pace car at the start of each race. Normally an experienced race driver.


Working outdoors (rain or shine). If you have experience as a firefighter, medical emergency technician or in tow truck operations these can be exciting position to volunteer for. Because of the proximity to the racetrack, minors are not allowed to fill these positions. Includes positions on the crash trucks and tow/recovery trucks.

Paddock Marshall

Responsible for keeping the paddock clear so racecars can easily and safely travel between their paddock space, pregrid and the racing surface.

Timing and Scoring

Working in doors. Knowledge of computers, good penmanship comfort with numbers and the ability to work under pressure an asset. Every lap of every car must be recorded during an event.

Crowd Control / Pass Control

These are the ambassadors for our sport. They are the people our fans interact with so great hosting skills will be appreciated. Must be firm but polite to keep our fans safe and contribute to their enjoyment of the race day.

Track Announcer

If you are comfortable talking to the public this can be a fun position. Knowledge of racing and public address equipment along with a clear voice and good command of the English language an asset.

Sound Officer

All race cars must not exceed a noise requirement as stated in the rules. The sound officer monitors all cars when on track and informs race control of infarctions.

Registration and Data Entry

Computer skills, ability to deal with cash and credit cards, work with the public and operate under pressure. Some of this work can be done from home before race weekend.

Driver Services

The go-to people when drivers are looking for information such as qualifying times/positions, race results, sound information, race schedules, trophies etc.

Volunteer Services

The go-to people when volunteers are looking for information.