Mazda Vehicles Cheapest to Own

MazdaFebruary 6, 2013 (Sympatico Autos) – KBB ranks car ownership costs over five years

U.S. price guide Kelley Blue Book has handed Mazda the 2013 award for most affordable car brand to own over five years. KBB’s 5-Year Cost to Own Awards rank which cars cost the least to own over five years, including things like purchase price, financing, fuel and insurance. The site notes the actual vehicle cost – purchase price minus the resale value – is typically less than half of the cost-over-five-years.

Mazda took home the award in the minivan segment, too; it’s Mazda5 van costs just $38,891 to own over five years. Toyota-Lexus nabbed several awards, including most affordable overall luxury brand for Lexus (the Lexus GS specifically cost just $58,153 over five years); and cheapest car to own overall. That’s the Scion iQ subcompact, which costs $27,006 over five years.

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