SCCBC Club Championship Standings

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Note that rules for the calculation of points were adjusted for 2016 to improve on the system first introduced in 2015. Details and a helpful legend can be found below.


Please note that the standings shown below are unofficial estimates only. Official results will be released at the end of each racing season.


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SCCBC Points Legend


Awarding of SCCBC Points
1. Only races hosted by the Sports Car Club of BC will be awarded SCCBC championship points.
2. Only SCCBC Members will be eligible to receive SCCBC championship points.
3. Finishing position will be determined on a per class basis.
4. All starters, regardless of club membership, will be counted when determining finishing position.
5. Point will be awarded according to the table below.

Number of Entrants in Class
Position 6+ 5 4 3 2 1
1 16 15 13 11 9 6
2 11 10 9 8 6  
3 9 8 7 6    
4 8 7 6      
5 7 6        
6 6          
7 5          
8 4          
9 3          
10 2          
11+ 1          
DNF 1 1 1 1 1 1

6. Every Finisher will receive a minimum of 1 points.
7. An Entrant with a status of DNF will be awarded 1 points.
8. An Entrant with a status of DNS will be awarded 0 points.
9. An Entrant with a status of DQ will be award 0 points.
10. SCCBC classes will adhere to the CACC class structure.
11. Where class assignments result in a conflict between club standards and the sanctioning body, a best effort to reconcile these differences will be undertaken.