SCCBC History and Founding Members

Your club president recently received a call from a lady who was sorting through some of her fathers’ effects. In this collection were some small plaques from 1951. On the plaques were finishing positions of events that were organized and hosted by a very young Sports Car Club of BC. They were from some very early hillclimb and rally events. The winner of these awards was a Mr. Peter Woodward. This name resonated in my memory bank, and I did some research. Unfortunately, our archive records have no competition results for any of the 1951 events. I did however keep digging, as I knew the name from somewhere in the club’s past. Where I did find the name Peter Woodward was on the application to the BC government for the club to receive official society status. So, I guess we could call him one of the founding members of our club!
I would like to thank his daughter Paige for getting in contact with the club and generously donating these treasures back to the club. I have been a member of the club for many decades and have delved into the archives numerous times but have never seen any of these little gems. So, these will truly be some fine pieces of our history. I will place them in the trophy case in the steward’s office for viewing.