SCCBC's COVID-19 response

SCCBC Covid‐19 Protocol for All Participants:
All participants, including volunteers, must pre‐register. Two crew person per driver. 
All participants MUST present a Covid‐19 self‐declaration at the gate.  DO NOT come to the track if you are not feeling well or have been in contact with someone else who is ill. If you begin to feel unwell when on site please report it to an official and isolate yourself. COMPLETE THE FORM ON YOUR DAY OF ARRIVAL. 
Drivers and registered crew members; drop your Covid declaration off to the front-gate booth and then proceed to the paddock-gate booth and check in with registration where you will receive a wrist band.   
Volunteers check in at the main-gate booth, drop off the Covid declaration, and receive a wrist band there. They do not have to stop at the paddock gate booth, just wave your wrist band to the person in the booth as you pass through. 
Physical distancing and safety protocols – the practice of physical distancing will be expected on‐site.  Please maintain at least 2 m or 6 ft. between yourself and anyone else who is not part of your household or social bubble.  The wearing of a non‐medical mask or face covering IS REQUIRED when in any building and is strongly encouraged in any area outside of your own paddock space.  
Tech – Pre-Covid procedures for tech have returned. Please print out a tech form with your name and car information and present it to tech along with your car and gear if they do not have an annual tech sticker. Tech forms are included in the package available on the SCCBC calendar page.  
Pre‐Grid –Masks or face coverings are strongly encouraged. Crews are discouraged from going into pre‐grid unless necessary. Please maintain a distance from other crews and drivers. 
Grandstands – Any persons using the grandstands must maintain at least 2 meters between themselves. Masks are strongly encouraged.  
Washrooms – The washroom building will be frequently sanitized by our attendant. Please respect the signs that indicate the washroom is closed for cleaning and keep your distance when entering and leaving the building. One person at a time please. The portable restrooms will be cleaned and serviced before and after each event day by our vendor.  
Paddock: do not walk through other drivers’ paddock spaces. Use the roadways. Please respect others and wear a mask if you are visiting someone else’s paddock space.  
Garbage: Cans will not be provided. Participants may put their refuse in the dumpster or take it with them.  
We strongly recommend:
– Each participant/volunteer to bring his/her own mask, and disinfectant.  
– Drivers and crews should plan to spend the majority of your time in your own paddock space.  
– When socializing at the end of the day please respect the Covid‐19 rules.