2015 Randall Award Recipient and Long-time Volunteer Jim McRae Passes

jim-mcraeIt is with great sadness that we hear of the passing of long-time club member Jim McRae. Jim joined the club in the very early years and contributed greatly to the sport as an official in a variety of roles.

Although Jim was a fixture around Westwood and Mission for decades, he only drove in just one semi-competitive fun race in all the years of his motorsport involvement. His most recent participation was as the “senior” member of the Mission Raceway E-Crew.

Jim was recently awarded the club’s highest honour, the Randall Award, for his outstanding long-term contribution to the Sports Car Club of BC.

A memorial service for Jim was held at the Canadian Museum of Flight at the Langley Airport on Saturday February 20. Aside from motor sport, Jim’s other passion was aviation and flying. Jim had his own plane that he spent many hours piloting around North America. It was fitting that his service be held at the Canadian Aviation Museum. Roger Salomon of META and Ray Stec from SCCBC spoke about Jim and his great contribution to motorsport in the area.

Reflecting Jim’s contribution to the sport, the SCCBC executive has elected to name the first race event of 2016 the Jim McRae Memorial Race. As a further tribute, Jim’s name will also be imprinted on one of the SCCBC safety vehicles.

Jim’s stories and sage advice will be sorely missed.


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