SCCBC Driver Profile: Chris Doodson

No.73 HondaOur featured SCCBC racer for March is Chris Doodson. Chris is a seasoned racer and an enthusiastic supporter of motorsport racing at River’s Edge Raceway. Chris has plenty of stories to tell and this month he tells us of his entry into racing with the SCCBC.

“My name is Chris Doodson and I have been racing cars with the SCCBC for over ten years. I first became interested in racing after seeing the SCCBC race at the Vancouver Indy. A motorcycle accident in 1995 had left me with four fractured vertebrae, so I decided that car racing was a much safer place to get a SPEED rush. Living at home at the time, I had to convince my mother that a track car was safer than another motorcycle.

“I started off my racing career after buying and modifying, incorrectly, a 1985 Honda Civic. I say incorrectly because of the money I wasted building the car with the wrong parts! My biggest mistake was to NOT ask questions before buying the parts. After I figured this out, I asked a lot of questions and got a lot of answers from the faster Honda club members. Over the years I have made my car into one on the fastest front wheels drive cars to see the track.

“Since that time, I’ve raced at many different tracks over the years including Mission, Seattle, Portland, Bremerton, and at the Molson Indy Vancouver. My greatest race memory was to race at three different Vancouver Molson Indy support races. Out of these three races I managed to place on the podium each time with one first and two second place finishes.

“I would like to thank my many sponsors over the years who helped with parts and entry fees. These sponsors have included T&T Auto Parts, McDonalds, Duxiana Beds, Kal-tire, and Marv Jones Honda, just to name a few. Without these companies support I would have had a much harder time showing up on race weekends.

“I am currently an RDC (Race Drivers Committee) member with the SCCBC. This is a group of senior racers who are responsible for teaching and training new members. The SCCBC consists of the Executive Committee, Race Drivers Committee, Track Operations Committee, and various other committees which may be established from time to time. All positions in the club are held by volunteers and without all these volunteers our racing would not happen.

“Being part of the SCCBC has brought many friendships into my life and people who I can truly say have changed my life for the better. I now have a four year old son (Charlee) who loves coming to the track and I cannot wait till the day he will race a car with the Sports Car Club of BC.”