Formula Racer Robbie Arthur Readies for Season

In another installment in our series featuring pre-season car preparation by local SCCBC racers, we spotlight local racer Robbie Arthur. Robbie has completed two seasons in the competitive Formula Vee class as part of the Open Wheel race group where in 2016 he placed third in class and fifth overall in Open Wheel. Here’s Robbie’s story.

“Going into this off-season my dad and I had come up with a priorities list of things that needed to be done before April 1st 2017. The most important thing on that list was to address the many transmission failures we had last year. This has been done by replacing the old one with an entirely new transmission. Next on the list was beefing up our spares inventory, which now consists of 4 complete transmissions, 3 engines blocks with cranks, cams, rods, pistons and barrels all ready to go, an extra drum to drum front beam, and plenty of brake drums.

“We have also gone out shopping, and picked up one of Brian Harding’s infamous ‘Monster Mannies’ intake manifolds in hopes of seeing a little bit more straight line speed. (Don’t worry, it IS still a legal manifold). We also are planning on going through and rebuilding the front beam in hopes to free things up and get a little bit more camber out of the front wheels.

“Lastly, I have tried to improve the cockpit room even more, and have fabricated a dash that now allows us to run necessary gauges and low oil pressure light, while still being small enough to fit my legs underneath. I have also moved the shifter up from its original position to try and, once again, create more leg room for myself.”